Conklin Fastrack is the first natural preventive health program for animals!

Over thirty years ago, visionary Conklin researcher Dr. Eugene Stearns developed the first animal probiotic to improve the health and performance of food-producing animals. His ALL NATURAL formula of beneficial bacteria, yeast culture, and enzymes resulted in greater milk, meat, and poultry production when fed – and became Conklin’s‘ SIGNATURE PRODUCT,’ Fastrack Microbial Pack. Fastrack has gained industry recognition for continuous formulation improvement, which formed the basis of our comprehensive program of species-specific Fastrack products covering the entire Life Cycle.

A progressive array of gels, boluses, microbial packs, and supplements now make up a line of products for the newborn through senior years that:

  • enhance immune response to pathogen challenge and stress
  • general health maintenance
  • production
  • performance
  • digestion
  • reproductive and physiological needs of all animals

How Direct-Fed Microbials Work

Read this article about the role of Direct-Fed Microbials (Probiotics) in Calf Diets, from the Bovine Alliance on Management and Nutrition.

Get your animals on the “Fastrack” to a more productive Life Cycle.

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